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In today’s world people are more transient than they have ever been. With more ways to travel, better technology for keeping in touch, and an adventurous millennial population there are any number of reasons why moving around the country is something that almost everyone does at some point. Often, the most (yet least talked about) concern is not safety, cost of living, or even climate. Those variables are often considered before an opportunity is every even contemplated. A lot of times what is really on the minds of those considering a move or being forced into a move is: “Am I going to fit in there? Will I be able to make friends? What will I do for fun?”

Social Sports Network is the answer. Now for the first time ever there is a collaborative of social sports companies across the United States and Canada! that can make any move less intimidating. This confidence could mean the difference between recruiting and even retaining talent for businesses. Taking the “opportunity of a lifetime” might seem a little less "crazy" if you know you will find fun and friendship on the other side. 



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The Social Sports Network is about more than just "sports." 
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